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How long until I get my photos back?

On average 3-4 weeks for all non wedding sessions & 10-12 for weddings, These time frames maybe slightly increased during peak times, but I will always let you know if that time frame will be exceeded. 

Do I get to see any photos prior to receiving my final gallery?

Yes, of course! You'll get a social media preview within 5-7*( season depending ) days after your session! 

Can I share the photos online?

I encourage you to share them! Please repost the album or photos and please tag me when you do! I love seeing my work as your profile photos and cover photos on social media!

Is it ok If I edit my photos, crop them or change the coloring?

It is NOT ok. The images are copyright protected, so altering my work in anyway violates that and is illegal.  So please, leave them as they are delivered, I promise I spent tons of time on them making them perfect for you! 

Do you have a studio?

I do not, all my work is done primarily outdoors (with the exception of boudoir). However, I do have access to several studios that can be rented for an additional fee, if you'd like an indoor session.

What equipment do you use?

I am a Nikon gal! I use the Z series ( mirrorless ). I have 2 main bodies that I always use and 4 backups, along with multiple lenses, OCF and speedlights!

Do you have insurance?

100%, I am registered with the state of Ohio and carry full insurance on my business.

Whats your favorite TV show?

Good question- I feel like this will tell you about me.  I have a few that I love, old and new but overall its Schitt's Creek. Ew David 

How soon should I book?

As soon as you can. I usually book up 12-15 months in advance, and since its just me, once I am booked- I'm booked. 

How does the booking process work for weddings?

I suggest you view my work on my website, FB or IG and if you love my style, visit my website and review my packages, then use the Let' connect form to reach out. From there, If I

am available, we'll set up a time to have a phone consult so I can learn a bit about you, your vision and ideas and make sure our personalities are a good fit! On our consult, I'll sketch out a timeline of you day so I can help guide you into the right package and give you an overall sense of how your day will go. At that point, you'll have the chance to sign a contract and book your date! Please, keep in mind that no date is secured without a signed contract and retainer.

What is your payment structure?

Its 50% down to book and the remaining is  due 90 days prior to your wedding date ( your contract will specify your specific dates and amounts ).  I do also offer discounts for paying in full when booking - just ask!

What if it rains on the day I have a scheduled session?

No problem, we just reschedule. Ill be in touch very closely ahead of time if I see weather maybe an issue!

Do you travel for weddings?

DO I?? YASSSS..... and rather often as well ( but also never enough!) I travel anywhere for weddings and even engagement sessions! I have SEVERAL spots/locations/states/countries  on my bucket list that I offer discounts for, so don't shy way from taking me with you!

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