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April G Photography

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! While you're browsing through the site, let me tell you a little about me,  If I maybe a good fit for you and how to get started.

First step to finding a photographer, is to find an editing style you love- mine is a bit unique and stands out- and I love it. Like everything, it has evolved over time and took me forever to find a style that spoke for me. It found me, I found it. We're solid. Check out my work here or on Facebook  If you like it, keep reading, you're in the right place.

Next, for me, is personality. I have one. A big one, A bit loud, a twitch sarcastic, often funny and commanding, Call it a side effect of being Type A. I will lead you through your day with 100% confidence. I have done hundreds of weddings and I know how it all goes. I got you. Trust me, I will always have your back, speak up for you, and offer all the suggestions and recommendations you may need- I am more than just your photographer. I also create a timeline of your day, so you can see how it will all work out, hour by hour- this is the biggest piece of the puzzle. Who doesn't love a good schedule?

I will advise you - I am not your traditional photographer. I love to push lines and boundaries- play in the gray area. I like a bit of adventure. So, if your engagement session is at the beach, you're likely leaving wet. If we're at a park with a creek, also, likely leaving a bit wet. Headed to the city? Expect to end up on a rooftop at sunset. We will discuss ALL that prior, but the more fearless and trusting you are, the better your photos will be, I promise.

If you want someone to basically help run your day, reduce your stress levels and guide you through it all -then congrats, you've found me! Need referrals for a DJ, Florist, or Hair & Makeup? I got those. Need help figuring out what colors work best together for your time of year. I can help with that as well. Don't know what to wear for your engagement session? No worries, I already have a guide for you. Don't know who to include in family pictures?  Easy - I will give you a detailed list of who you should* include in photos. There's almost nothing I can't help with or fix for you;.

If you've made it this far, Lets chat!

P.S. I may already be the PERFECT FIT if you LOVE Schitts Creek, poker, reality tv (VPR- am I right?), dogs, pierogies and anything shopping/fashion related.

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Northeast Ohio and surrounding areas. Available for travel and destination affairs.

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